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When angels deserve to die..

                             We always strive to achieve something better than what we have, As a human being it’s our nature that we never get satisfied with our needs and our Desire keeps in increasing, to fulfill such desire we always needs to upgrade ourself and that is nothing but to be Deserving person. The real happiness is not to have what you are looking for but it always lies in the process to achieve what you want. Some one has truly said that “It’s not about your destiny, It’s about journey to reach your destiny is more important.”

                            It’s really hard time to reach your destiny with so many obstacles coming to your way, but we always complain god for this tough time we had. When we achieve what we want the element of satisfaction we get after this achievement is just like we reached the top of the world. In true sense why we get such feeling of being at the top of the world is only because to achieve what you desire the amount of pain you experience is so much that with every time you faced the true difficulty you restore tears in your emotions. Once you reach your destiny that emotion comes out in form of tears and that is the feeling which tells you that you Deserve what you Desired for.


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    • Posted January 4, 2011 at 12:40 pm
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    🙂 Hmmm… Desire To Deserve .. this has always been your favorite topic to write kyu.. 🙂

    Very nice post.. we must make ourself capable then god will give what we deserve 🙂 keep posting.. liked your stuff…

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