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                            Investment is a term which we always get correlated with return and that has to be. When we talk about term Investment the first thing which strike us is how much return it’s going to give us in term of Percentage. Also, the other allied benefits related to that. The primary objective is to have good return which is fine and it has to be that only because in today’s world we have to not only secure our present but also our future so we need to plan investment to secure both as this is must for our betterment.

                            Imagine, One day you decide to relax and while doing so you recollect all your past memories of what you achieved so far in your life. You bought nice house, Bank balance and all other things which one can imagine of buying as all these are monetary success which you have achieved so far, but how about things which you have achieved for the first time that once you have thought of achieving it. Your first bi-cycle ride, your first independent journey, your first salary, your first step toward your success and many such things which enlighten you from bottom of your heart these thing are truly immense and no other Investment can replace them because the kind of efforts and emotion you invest to achieve those are far more exciting than amount you invest to earn good return. As a human being we are emotional animal and all this always going to be there whether we believe it or not. So the fantasy of life is to always put some amount of time and efforts to earn this return on emotional investment as it gives return in term of satisfaction and not in term of percentage.


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    • Posted January 4, 2011 at 12:35 pm
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    Thats true Abhay… we should think of emotional investment as this is what bring people close. we all run behind the dreams which are directly related to money but we never think of things which value more than money.. however we do realize it but then its too late… shashank…

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