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Symbol of Jainism, white and golden version.

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                                There is thumb rule in accounting  saying that every account has to be tallied and the balance of every account get transferred to something know as Trial Balance. This will help to prepare two statement knowing as Profit & Loss and Balance sheet. This two statement depict the entire picture of your performance. What if your profit and loss account shows negative balance, it’ll erode your reserve from balance sheet and one the situation will be such that you become bankrupt on the other hand if you accumulate profit you’ll have rich reserve with you.

                                When we enter this world we come as empty-handed and the same goes when we exit. We start an account with zero balance and by the time we leave our account get tallied to the consequences of our actions in term of gain or pain. All this is only because of one thing and that is our action. In any situation how we deal with it and what are the effect of such action will determine our Karma. In today’s world we are very fast toward our action and we even don’t know what is right or wrong, every school of thought has their own definition but what I can think of is every single destiny you decide to reach you’ll find two-way to reach there, One would be difficult and another would be smooth one. Since smooth one is quite easy everyone try to go by that way when mass of people follow in such small lane you have all differences, clashes and other man-made problem coming to your way and even in this race also few people can make it very easily reason being they are blessed with luck.

                                 On the other hand the difficult path you’ll find very few people as nobody wants to burn their hands because to walk here you’ll require hell lot of courage and this include your determination, hard work, passion and many such element which generally people hate to have. even in such cases if you can’t make it to the end you are blessed with luck in true sense..)

                                 Well having said all this what I feel is that, Sooth ness to pain can only be realised when you feel the pain and while walking on difficult path will give you feel and once you reach your destiny will give you fruit of your life. The theory karma is it’s better to hurt yourself than other as you are accountable for your action not the others.


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  1. You know there is a best part about going through tough roads… you don’t get traffic there 🙂
    Yes they are so tough as you said people dnt like to choose them but those who choose they get their destiny cause they believe in themselves.. Thanks.. Kp posting…

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