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Emotional Relationship Symbols in a Genogram

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                                The saying “Opposite Attract” is definitely true in some cases as its diversity of difference that creates the initial attraction. The other person has traits that you don’t and vice versa. Some people find the difference exciting. The way you are opposite, and the way you communicate as opposite, is the key as to whether you can build a successful foundation with each other and this will determine how the relationship work.

                               Stubbornness in relationship, where opposite attract, can bring about disastrous results being open, and open-minded, with strong ability from both people to compromise, and adjust, can create an environment of security and contentment amongst opposite. being opposite can work if they are complimentary to the relationship and both people are open-minded with the ability to compromise when needed, not having those ability could create potential conflict leading to harsh feelings.

                               To build healthy relationship in any cases it’s very much important to have ability to understand each other and given a situation each should have courage to respect the view of others as in that work as gravity power to attract both of them toward each other.


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  1. opposite attracts but its not good when couple is fully opposite cause it will create problems in life as north & south pole cant stay together..

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