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The Comfort Zone (song)

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                                If you add spice to any dish it’ll change the taste of that dish entirely and that will change your expression too. The same goes with life also when two people meet they come with all different comfort zone they have and to have bonding with each other they need to adjust accordingly. This state that one need to widen one’s comfort zone to accept the other and this act of widening the comfort zone is to create the Space for that person to adjust the way you are.

                                The differences can occurred when the trait of both the person are different and that is where chances of potential conflict arise, just like one spicy dish entirely change the mood same way wrong person in your comfort zone can create imbalance within yourself. Sometime things like this can be accepted as to have same dish again & again you will not feel the variety in your routine and life would be more or less become monotonous. Spice added to dish can give you variety also the experience of having something which you never had it before.

                               So, It’s good to have a Space for Spice in your life as it’ll change the pattern of your taste and allow you to think of something different which also exist.


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