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It takes time to understand you, but sooner one understands it’s better for that person. This saying can draw varying amount of conclusion because it’s all about how people takes you and understand you. But for me it was tremendous experience to be with you, you’ll remember initially we hardly interacted with each other. But later on when it was not so. Anyway what I feel about you is like even though if I’ll try to describe about you I know somewhere or the other I am going to miss out something. But obvious for me leaning from you was presentation skill, soft skill and all other qualities what we generally mention in resume I don’t want to get in to that because anyway you got all of them. But what I like the most about is that “two things which you can see while looking ahead in your life one is the path to reach your ultimate goal and second is your ultimate goal, person can go there looking down at path and mitigate all the obstacles coming to their way, while some people only look at aim and their spirit works out to mitigate the obstacles comes to their way, I believe you follow second one”. I wish you good luck for your further life not only professional but also personnel life. Finally during our entire journey so far intentionally or unintentionally if I heart you, than I express my apologies toward that.


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  1. You got it correct when you say that somewhere you will miss out on something!
    After reading your post, I am quite excited to post a reply not because you have written your heart out for everyone but because of the very fact that you have initiated this.
    When I look back at events which happened with 3Gzzz over a span of 2 years I undergo almost all types of human emotions, love-laughter-tears-pain-anger-humility-humiliation-D2D (although I haven’t read it yet). I not only take pride in showing to the world that I am a part of 3Gzzz but also make sure that NO ONE MESSES WITH IT.
    After spending two of the most crucial years of my life with the gang I take away a lot a many things with me right from the pinnacle of our glory to being the invisible guys sitting on the wood but the most important of all was Friendship for a life-time.
    3Gzzz is the sole bunch of crazy people on this earth who always agree to disagree among themselves but are rock solid like a fort when it comes to facing external issues.
    Anil’s Simplicity
    The way Shashu looks at the viability of things
    PP’s way of doing things his way (always in a different direction from the rest)
    The all time gr8 Critic – CJ
    Neetz solidarity (also the amount of simplicity which sHE carries with her)
    Harini’s determination (& also a fizz like anger which goes down even before it erupts)
    The belly full of excuses which Devanngggg carries (also dances with it) with himself
    Ketan’s questions (You!)
    The human touch which the soon to be uncle (Read : Engaged) brings in with himself
    The unaffected soberness with which you have easily survived with the biggest bratz!!! (You know what am I talking about – hahahahaha)
    For once I had adjectivfied myself as an onion in the class – keep peeling-peeling-peeling-peeling & peeling so have u put it in your blog…..
    so my dear friend(z) this is just not the end of my response but a beginning to celebrate your beautiful effort’s!

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