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Simply great human being, people often use this term for sake of using it but here I mean it. All the qualities he has is far difficult to find in any one else. Although he has never expressed about his obstacles he faced in his life but what I can interpret about him is that he had very tough time in his life and during that time he was quite alone but still he managed to overcome all that and that’s why he have all the exposure which among all of us can’t think of having it. It is in terms of relation, emotion, study, fun everywhere. And we always say master of all and jack of none this perfectly goes with him. What one thing which I would like to suggest you all though I am not right one to comment on this aspect but still I feel I should say this “Wave of water comes to your way it’s difficult to standalone. So far you managed well to face all the waves even though during high tide of your life, but now you got strong support with you take her support so that you can manage to balance your life together well” I wish you good luck for your further married life. Finally during our entire journey so far intentionally or unintentionally if I heart you, than I express my apologies toward that.


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