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Bhayyaji oops…… guptaji, being my train partner for almost two years we had up’s and down’s of journey and during this journey we shared up and downs of our personnel life’s so the train journey is part of our life journey so far. Right from childhood till now you shifted from various place and came across many people so all this added many experience which in turn help you to learn more and more about people. In fact among all of us you should be strong in geography, so at every station you had accompany with you but how one can have all the accompany turn out to be a good friend ?, because you get easily gel up with everyone and having ability to take thing in right spirit this makes you perfect person Off course you also had up’s and down in your life which you shared with me that’s why I am able to write about you, now coming to suggestion part I know you are going to implement this but still I feel I should say this “ In my life I wanted to go by train which I felt will lend me to my destination but I could not manage to catch that one, but you got in right train and I would advise you don’t get down at any station because this one will lend you at your  ultimate destiny you are lucky that you got in right train” I wish you good luck for your further life. Finally during our entire journey so far intentionally or unintentionally if I heart you, than I express my apologies toward that.



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