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Benjamin Franklin quoted “Our necessities never equal our wants” and it’s well said. We always strive to solve this equation and we end up doing  Need < Want.

The synonyms always treated as one & same by looking at this two words we feel that they are the same but virtue is that they are not same in meaning.

Need for something is more to do with necessity and that it require for the survival without this one could not even imagine of anything else. While want is very broader term and it can be defined as when you are looking out for something which you can avoid if it’s not available.

In case of Food, Need is that we can feed ourself for our survival but just to have too much of it when it’s not needed we cannot dump it without any need. This is how we can define as need & want. Always ask for things when needed & not when you want them to have it.


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  1. true… and we just dont understand that we are happy if we dont want things than if we want things.. bez what we need we will always have.. all sorrow comes bez we WANT and not bez we need….

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