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                         Importance of any particular day can be summarized through experience which you get from that day it self, It can be become special or disappointing that’s what you decide as you feel that and this is how it work’s.

                          There are various things which helps you to categorize them and sum it all together will tell you how the day it was. The same thing which I felt on my Birthday.

                          Words are easy, although finding the words to express the deepness of a bond of friendship that has stayed strong through hardships, shared joys, and spanned years may prove to be a difficult trial.


  • Priorities are given to those people whom you are trying to give some space in your life and once they become part of your life they feel they have secured some space within you and than it are like routine and other things become formal and understood without gestures also that you are still significant for them.
  • When you imagine smile on other’s face you try to find out how it can be seen in actual. It’s time you work around and try to make things happen and after doing so when you see all this working as you expected you see smile on your face and this is more important than any other feeling.
  • Even you are committed to something but when you try to be a part of place where your presence makes a difference it’s not only good for you but also for someone else also.
  • Distance of place doesn’t matter when a feeling comes in picture and true feeling is in something where you wish that even if you are not there your presence can be felt to people around there.

                         In short this was special eve as when some thing unexpected happen on expected day which bring smile on your face nothing can take place for this occasion.


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  1. Rightly said… Some times our decisions comes over our feelings thats where we stop enjoying our life.. and what we did that night was – we listen to our feelings keeping our decisions aside….

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