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The journey of life is divided into various phases and each of the phases has its own characteristics. The vital part of phases is that our approach to face these Phases.  To be very precise in general we divide these into excellent phase and terrible phase. The moment we hear some good news we get excited and feel like top of the world and on the other hand when we hear some bad news we see bottom very soon.

When we have Excellent Phase we realize that there is nothing to face but in good time also we need to be very careful with each of the moment we live, because already there is so much of excitement and cheerful moment and we treat this time as favorable time. In this situation if we get overenthusiastic or overconfident that could have adverse effect. So in excellent time face the time keeping yourself neutral and be what you are and enjoy the time you have.

When we have Terrible Phase we realize that there is hell lot of trouble and we always blame our self and say why this is with me. This is good time to understand the life in better manner just in case of Excellent Phase we become overenthusiastic or overconfident same goes here as we over react the situation and trying to create more trouble for our self.

The important point is all the Phase of life are temporary phenomena, Life expect us to remain neutral and want us to enjoy them to the fullest because each of them has some learning for us and this learning is always for our betterment.


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  1. Abhay I would say, Life is about having different experience, we have come to this earth to have experience, good phases or bad.
    And by the way can u see that a bad phase of urs can be a good phase for someone else? So that phase is really not a bad phase until you call it bad. Its bad for you bez you have define it bad. Where as it is good for someone else.
    All experience in life good or bad are the creation of us. We say its good or bad and feel the joy or pain of it.
    So I would say instead of being neutral, you can make each phase as good phase bez its you who has given it a meaning of bad phase.

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