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            In order to pursue what you want and to achieve that, you eagerly put your best foot ahead and drive your passion with full of determination to accomplish task. Finally when you achieve what you want you sense wonderful feeling of inner peace which gives you immense pleasure and nothing can replace that feeling. This should be the objective when you work on any particular assignment. The spirit to do any work becomes more interesting if one concentrates and do full justice to it and that is as good as worship.

            As a human being we are skilled and capable of doing hard work. We got sense which can guide us to choose the right and wrong thing. We always find our self in trap of boredomness or tiredness than we complain as all this is because we work for reason and that reason is to fulfill our obligatory duties. When we work to fulfill our obligation our mindset follow only one thing and that is month end paycheck regardless what objective we are working for. Than one fine day we feel like what I am doing, no value addition or no growth nothing. The simple fact is that there is no excitement of doing work apart from monetary gain. On the other hand when you pursue your interest the objective automatically get changed and you work with different mindset and you could feel that yourself working with so much of enthusiasm that you never realized how fast time passed away since you are so much committed to what you are doing.

            The ideal way to reverence something is when we perform anything we should work wholeheartedly and giving our full potential efforts & dedication without thinking of end result out of it. If we start thinking of only end result first than we are just dreaming of fruit from action and not action to achieve that fruit.


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  1. i would like to share something from my life, when i was working for money i wasnt happy but the time i started doing the work i love, i never worked after that, it was fun all the time when you love your work. dont do things for their sake, do it with full dedication. and if you dnt like something and still if you have to do that job, create possibility of happiness, find what people will get if you do that job, how it will help people & company & you will feel better because you will understand that serving others gives happiness. soldiers may not like to fight on borders but they do it bez they know, we are human n came on this earth to serve people.

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