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In recent study it was found that women spent more time in front of mirror than man, In fact there was no need to do any study on this topic as it’s fact they also know quite well 🙂 but the point here is what they look for in mirror, again it’s self explanatory, anyways idea here is not to make fun of it but to understand the Mirror Image.

If we seriously consider this object, it gives us true reflection of what we are. If one can seriously try standing in front of mirror and see what it reflect we can find our self what we are. Since you can see deep into your eyes and that will help you to figure out your own personality.

Once discovered that what you are and started truly loving yourself, and further to focus on your inner peace and wellness will bring you cheers and happiness, The problem arise when we create the wish list of what we want in terms of our life partner which create an image in front of us.

The problem is that we involve our self so much in finding out the external image what we created in our mind that we lose touch with the parts of ourselves that are wise and conscious. The attachment to this false identity leads to a feeling of desperation rather than fulfillment. We become dependent on that person and fearful of loneliness

We all have a rough idea of what our perfect partner is like with the basic needs to have happy lifestyle. The problem comes when we find ourselves in a relationship and we are constantly comparing our partners with this Image. When that happens, we stop appreciating our partner for all the beautiful qualities they do possess.

The truth is this perfect person does not exist. More importantly, we may not actually need all of these qualities in a partner to be extraordinarily happy. What we need is to identify the most important qualities that we have in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

In the end one thing to conclude is understand who you are and what you need is more important than what he / she is and what I want his / her to be. When you are in search of someone just look at a mirror in terms of eyes of that person and if you can find yourself deep in that, you might end your search there but that doesn’t mean that eye is the only factor you should look in your partner :).


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