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We always consider life as nothing but sum of all routines. We generally follow it as a path of principles laid down by the society and we need to follow them.

However, even if we say it as routine but closer look into this routine is also something special. If we think it became routine because our preference and life changes so rapidly that what was once consider as our dream now became part of our life with little importance.

We always play blame game with our self saying that what is available to us is not what we are worth of but that doesn’t mean that what is available can’t be beautiful or enjoyable. We are surrounded by miracles, but we do not recognize them because they come to us so kindly and like a dream.

Routine is a creation of the mind, most of the time we only catch a glimpse of how amazing things really are before we get sucked back into the monotony of our routines. We lose mindfulness.

We can only be peaceful if we can design our lifestyle the way we want to live and it should follow a path where we can meet our desired goal and we should not ignore the fact that what we have is already beautiful and what we can do is to add a charm to it.

Life is a gift of god it’s already beautiful we as human through our efforts in day to day life trying to make it more beautiful but in a process of doing so we should not forget to live it.


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