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We always wonder who is inside us or who operate us and that eagerness always there within us to understand our self. We could not focus on finding out our soul as we are busy with finding out someone else rather our own identity. Search for Soul can only happen when you are peaceful state of mind and you are alone we define this as loneliness.

Being alone provides us an opportunity to search for our true self and get connected to source of love and joy. In this state of mind you can hear the sounds of harmony, rhythm and perfection. This loneliness to create something beautiful by developing a hobby that brings your whole attention. It may be reading, painting, gardening, music etc.

Loneliness is a state of feeling and it’s not to be confused with isolation. Pray that your loneliness help you to search out for your true soul. 


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  1. You can not search your soul in loneliness; infarct you cant search the soul you know why? because soul is you. when you are alone you dont search for soul; you think & not search. thinking and searching are two different things. Thinking is done through mind and search is done though being. now what is being ? Being is your Soul. what is soul its ENERGY.

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