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ImageIts 6.30am morning and my cell phone started making a noise as it does every day. It never happened so far that cell phone asked me to be an alarmJ. Today it was special day as I became older by one more year; I woke up from bed and decided to be seated alone for five-ten minutes.

This was special time to think about or rather to retrospect the journey so far and to understand where I stand and what I have seen up to this stage of my life. Since the day I started understanding about people or situation around me from that day onward I always thought of where I am standing now and where I have to go ahead in life to come. In this race of achieving new high I met new people every year and some old memories became older. So every year I was being surrounded by few peoples those who made some contribution to my life and they made some special space in my universe.

The point here is that I was always surrounded by people and I have expanded my universe with people who made contribution in my life. It’s time to thank all of them for all their support that I have reached wherever I am for their special contribution to my life and at a same time it’s very important for me that I should also be make  some contribution to society and that should be one of the objective to start this new year.


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  1. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Abhay. You are one more year near to the goals you want to achieve in your life, wish you good luck for your future hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

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