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If you stand in front of mirror and if you can’t see anything then there are only two possibilities, you yourself do not know what you are or mirror is able to portray you what exactly you think you are.

When we can’t discover our true soul we are lacking our self confidence and we are lost in the world where everyone else guides us where to lead and we don’t know where to go. We are just following path which is selected by someone else for us.  In such a scenario we always keep us at mercy of others judgment and we never able to make our own decision and if something goes wrong then we blame others for this and this again bring down your belief in yourself. So situation is like you have mirror in front of you which is full of dust so it does not give you clear picture of what you look like and if don’t remove that dust you will always be unknown to yourself.

On the other hand if you have belief in yourself and you know where to lead and what is your destiny than even mirror doesn’t portray you properly but your inner belief tells you not to see yourself from outside look at your inside you are full of confidence and you know where to go ahead without worrying about result put your best reach your destiny. The end result will always teach you something fruitful so be realistic and be confident put you best because you are sailing you own boat and even if it goes into wrong direction at least you’ll be aware want went wrong and this will increase your confidence and gives you lesson to remember the mistake you made and not repeat it again. It’s human to make mistakes, to know defeat and to face failures. We grow from this. However, what is important is to not to indulge in self-blame but to accept what needs to change, while acknowledging and respecting what is good in you. Release the past and move on.

Reach within and find the real you; feel assured that you have great potential. Use it!!!!





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  1. I too had a tough time finding myself. I run a small business with However, the longest and most tiresome journey is towards the self and to feel the real you is absolutely exhilarating. Awesome job guys! 🙂

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