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If you stand in front of mirror and if you can’t see anything then there are only two possibilities, you yourself do not know what you are or mirror is able to portray you what exactly you think you are.

When we can’t discover our true soul we are lacking our self confidence and we are lost in the world where everyone else guides us where to lead and we don’t know where to go. We are just following path which is selected by someone else for us.  In such a scenario we always keep us at mercy of others judgment and we never able to make our own decision and if something goes wrong then we blame others for this and this again bring down your belief in yourself. So situation is like you have mirror in front of you which is full of dust so it does not give you clear picture of what you look like and if don’t remove that dust you will always be unknown to yourself.

On the other hand if you have belief in yourself and you know where to lead and what is your destiny than even mirror doesn’t portray you properly but your inner belief tells you not to see yourself from outside look at your inside you are full of confidence and you know where to go ahead without worrying about result put your best reach your destiny. The end result will always teach you something fruitful so be realistic and be confident put you best because you are sailing you own boat and even if it goes into wrong direction at least you’ll be aware want went wrong and this will increase your confidence and gives you lesson to remember the mistake you made and not repeat it again. It’s human to make mistakes, to know defeat and to face failures. We grow from this. However, what is important is to not to indulge in self-blame but to accept what needs to change, while acknowledging and respecting what is good in you. Release the past and move on.

Reach within and find the real you; feel assured that you have great potential. Use it!!!!





It’s not what we have or don’t have that matters in life but what we do with what we have. All God expects of us is that we don’t allow our past to determine our future and that with his help we use what we have to the best of our ability.

We always complain about our inability to meet our desire and we regret by saying that we are lacking behind because of our weakness and spend more time analyzing weakness but if we use that time to sharpen them we can actually do better in term of achieving what we want.

It’s always good to have determination and dedication towards what you want and rest is supported by our strength to convert them in practical but this path is not that simple because during this journey we require good amount of passion and belief in yourself.

It’s also important to notice that we should not have high hopes for our desires as this brings unnecessary attachment which yields no result. So it’s important to be practical and prepared for all outcomes.

“To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.” –- Plutarch“

ImageIts 6.30am morning and my cell phone started making a noise as it does every day. It never happened so far that cell phone asked me to be an alarmJ. Today it was special day as I became older by one more year; I woke up from bed and decided to be seated alone for five-ten minutes.

This was special time to think about or rather to retrospect the journey so far and to understand where I stand and what I have seen up to this stage of my life. Since the day I started understanding about people or situation around me from that day onward I always thought of where I am standing now and where I have to go ahead in life to come. In this race of achieving new high I met new people every year and some old memories became older. So every year I was being surrounded by few peoples those who made some contribution to my life and they made some special space in my universe.

The point here is that I was always surrounded by people and I have expanded my universe with people who made contribution in my life. It’s time to thank all of them for all their support that I have reached wherever I am for their special contribution to my life and at a same time it’s very important for me that I should also be make  some contribution to society and that should be one of the objective to start this new year.


 When we say we are lucky we mean that we have achieved what we want.

 When we get something we really want then we make an effort to get things done in a way that we reach our destiny through our hard work.

In both of the cases we strive for something and finally we get it but through different way.

Last night you had dream of achieving something and next morning that things comes to you In that case you are lucky. Then whatever you wish you are getting them without putting much of an effort and you are happy. Since luck always favors you thing become very smooth to achieve, so you are happy with an end result and not the journey to achieve this end result.

Again in same case last night you had dream of achieving something and not next morning but you never know when that next morning will come when you achieve what you want. In case of Hardworking people they have their approach toward the thing what they want so they have to drive a long way to reach their destiny. In this case whether they reach destiny is again questionable but putting their best is required from their end.

In both the scenario you should be happy because if you are lucky and you got something what you wish for then you have enjoyed your destiny and not journey. In case if you are hardworking then doesn’t matter whether you have achieved what you want but you made and attempt to reach this destiny is within itself is an achievement because while walking on this path you have learned many things which you had never planned before. So just cheers the moments in your life the way it comes because every moment has its own pleasure.

With the common results and use of the home pc, consumers are basically a mouse click away. The innovation of email and digital photos has produced it possible for people to stay in contact; nonetheless, is that this seriously adequate? Whilst technology has enabled us to speak to folks around the globe, in a few approaches it’s hampering us from intimate contact, specially with our families.

Trying to keep your family shut ought to begin if you youngsters are quite youthful. In the event you instill in them at an early age the value of loved ones, possibilities are your message will adhere whenever they grow to be grown ups.

A crucial technique to ensure family closeness is by producing exclusive relatives traditions. Whilst we all know every last eats turkey on Thanksgiving, add something special into the day. Probably put aside this day for your full loved ones to participate in online games. Attempt playing something as simple as Bingo, exactly where every person will receive a prize – and here is the actual deal with – make the prizes “coupons”. As an illustration, “This coupon good for a person absolutely free motion picture with mom” or “This coupon good for one particular indoor picnic.” Thanksgiving is customarily a day for soccer, so manage a helpful family members video game of the personal. You can be amazed how your kids will occur to treasure these exclusive household instances.
Naturally, as your sons or daughters mature, marry and have young children of their particular, it isn’t as effortless to shell out each getaway with each other. Be adaptable and either alternate holidays or choose a several specific holidays exactly where the entire friends and family might be with each other. Occasionally this feels like an overwhelming feat, specially if you have a sizable family, but as I claimed, kids, even though they turn out to be older people, need those special events and traditions and so they will go out of their method to ensure they materialize.

Numerous households which have developed and multiplied considerably but are scattered throughout the place ensure it is some extent to hold a relatives reunion each year. This is an incredible prospect for cousins to acquire to fulfill each other, sisters to compensate for gossip and moms to take a seat back and enjoy their children and grandchildren.

An additional standard premise for retaining your family shut is raising them in such a means which they like one another. By this I mean treat your children similarly as they are increasing; usually do not favor 1 around one other as this will likely bring on jealousy and resentment and will almost certainly continue into adulthood. Foster closeness between your children, praising them equally for his or her possess accomplishments without evaluating them to each other.

As your sons or daughters achieve adulthood, grow to be extra of the pal than a parent. By this I mean, really don’t make them sense guilty whenever they will not contact or visit you on a regular basis. This will only bring about a partnership depending on obligation somewhat than anticipation.

When careers and situations dictate shifting absent, you are able to however remain close. As I said at the beginning of this particular article, the online world has enabled us to reach out to many others to ways that were under no circumstances ahead of attainable. To the “computer nerd” from the family members, have them put in place a family web-site the place just about every of you’ll be able to “meet”. Put in place an internet chess match or match place wherever when every week or when per month you all get with each other to engage in a activity.

Whilst fashionable technologies won’t ever switch the heat of a mother’s hug or perhaps the pat on the back from his father, preserving near is achievable. Each time a household is built on appreciate, respect and devotion, they may often uncover a method to be close – if not in physique, then in spirit.

Deciding on your life partner is without doubt one of the most crucial selections you make in your everyday living. Your long run completely lies around the threshold of the option you make. Using your long term lying subjected to this selection, have you been one particular among those that abandon it to future? Would you settle for someone who would not fulfill your desires, since you imagine that your needs are way also precise? Worst – would you depart it to likelihood? Speaking about picking your living lover, the very first point will be on what foundation would you make the selection. Recall, no matter what be your alternative, the individual must be 1 with whom you may still increase, giggle, be surprised, share your pursuits and tips 12 months immediately after calendar year, with out losing interest. Choose someone who is suitable with you and would make you are feeling loved and cared for. During the following lines, we’ve got provided tips about the way to pick your lifestyle lover.

Deciding upon Your life partner

Ascertain Your needs
Before choosing your life partner, you’ll need to determine your needs. You would like to learn what attributes you are looking for within your existence associate. Pen down a would like list of every one of the belongings you are seeking – by far the most crucial types in addition to the seemingly unimportant ones. Proper from physical seems, vocation, economic standing to ethical values, etiquettes and religious beliefs, create a record that handles all of the sectors. Using this method you’ll be able to restrict your alternative. As an example, when you are selected that your would-be really should be a businessman / homemaker; your options would then be confined, as those that are inside of a career can be ignored.

Review Prior Romantic relationship
Many-a-times we are bombarded together with the query – What did you discover from your prior associations? However it would be embarrassing or hurting, the query is undoubtedly an critical a person to look at in advance of deciding on your lifestyle companion. Locate out what was it that attracted you in your ex? Was it his/her smartness and appears? Was it his/her treatment and affection? Was it his/her money status? You need to also come across out what went completely wrong during the once-so-rosy affair. This is able to assist you to locate out your requirements, which he/she couldn’t fulfill.

Assess Individuals You Admire
Evaluating persons you appreciate would also be a fantastic choice to take into consideration before picking your Mr. or Ms. Ideal. This might assist you comprehend qualities which are vital for you in existence. You require to learn precisely what is you admire in them. Can it be his/her feeling of humor? Is he/she extremely devoted and dependable? Could it be his/her relatives history? By deciding the features with the individual you appreciate, you will be unknowingly or knowingly environment the mark on your excellent mate.

Individual Attributes & Values
Although one of the most overlooked sectors, analyzing personalized qualities and values is particularly vital. Keep in mind, private character defines the potential of someone. As an illustration, if he/she is a hardworking and persistent man or woman, he/she is likely to be financially effectively off in long run. Anyone with strong ethical values is likely to be religious. Identify the characteristic that you are trying to find as part of your best mate. Right from compassion, affection, determination, honesty to sexuality, self-discipline, vivaciousness intelligence and wit, there are a lot of belongings you need to take into account. For anyone who is sociable, ideally your associate needs to be one who loves chatting or making friends.

Take Time
Limiting yourself to a specific date or a scheduled time for finding the right lover is undoubtedly an unreasonable demand. Keep in mind, it a matter of your lifestyle and your foreseeable future is based on your selection. One particular completely wrong choice and you will be regretting and repenting all your existence. These issues are sensitive and can take from a few days to several months. Make sure you give in all of the time you want, previous to pronouncing the judgment.

Trust Your Preference
Consider, a person should really dictate his/her wants and wants and not the other way round. Do not imagine about what you ‘should’ want. Instead, focus on what you want and desire in life. Do not be concerned about whether your needs and requires are suitable or shallow or unpopular. Keep in mind, no two persons can have the same desires or wants. At the time you have made a decision, trust it and give in your 100% from the partnership! Very good luck!

Life partner can be a term which corresponds to many important things. It’s not necessarily only a relation which a couple retains for everyday living time, but it’s also the synonym for friendship, have faith in and knowing. One has to be very supportive and knowledge in the direction of his associate to help keep him content and content normally. The bond of marriage is rather strong and weak at the same time. It’s the most stunning and precious relation that a human currently being shares in his life time, as a result, he pretty conscious and weak in the event the position of loosing it arrives. Plus a existence partner is an individual that is the strength of his mate at undesirable days, thereby, producing the person strong at times of want.

Like there are two sides of each and every story, very same techniques, this can be the automobile, which is not going to move without the support on the other, both equally the persons has be equally lively inside their participation towards creating the everyday living of their accomplice much more lively and pleased. Subsequent will be the attributes, which a bride mad groom ought to have, to acquire a contented and joyful married everyday living:

In case of arrange marriages, the couple to begin with must recognize one another, the relation must always get started with the bond of friendship, which provides room for the couple to peep in the past, existing and long run strategies of his bride or groom. The couple needs to be really fare and truthful within their approach, must not attempt to generally be fake or dress in some faces through their original character.

honesty would be the greatest policy, the quote which can be the main element into a easy and healthy married daily life. The married couple ought to in no way hide any point from his everyday living associate, due to the fact that could trigger long term complications and misunderstandings. If your husband or the wife is conscious of every one of the past relations of his greater fifty percent, then it might be easy for him or her to solution about any questions raised over the character of his living associate from an outsource.

An individual should surrender many of the errors performed, in front of his lifestyle associate, since the repercussions, in any circumstance are for being faced by each of them, so the other an individual should really understand what and why the same is occurring.

Existence spouse need to be like a mirror to the temperament, he ought to know you all, from tip to toe, this helps in increasing the comprehension amount involving the couple

The few really should consider and rejoice day after day as valentine day or anniversary and ought to look at and make factors beautiful and living worthy of dwelling for your living lover.

Tiny gestures like helping your mate while in the dwelling do the job or providing him recommendations inside the completion of office environment presentations, can retain the dialogue and consequently the married existence flowing easily.

Gifting or providing surprises into the everyday living accomplice with a gap of number of days, genuinely assists in trying to keep the like factor alive while in the married existence

People today say, married lifestyle will become really uninteresting, but 1 might make it attention-grabbing and occurring by demonstrating small- compact gestures on the life companion, which proves that she or he still holds the identical relevance in their living. It is real, that love does not require words to generally be expressed, but it surely surely requirements strategies to make one other individual know that you might be however madly in enjoy with him or her and she is definitely the just one which beats as heart in your appreciate living. This stuff can definitely assist a few in living their married lifestyle, in contrast to just paying their lives with one another, which can be in many situations gets a burden for the other an individual. Thus, a small worry or treatment towards your beloved may make your everyday living rocking and occurring.

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Relationships really are an essential component of wholesome living, but there is no such factor like a perfect connection. Relationships, from acquaintances to romances, possess the potential to enrich our lives and add to our enjoyment of life. Nevertheless, these exact same relationships may cause distress, and occasionally even cause hurt. Have a couple of minutes to understand much more to protect yourself from developing unhealthy relationships.


What makes a healthy relationship?

A wholesome relationship is when two individuals create a connection based on:

  • Mutual respect
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Assistance
  • Fairness/equality
  • Independent identities
  • Great communication
  • A sense of playfulness/fondness

Each relationship is most likely a mixture of each healthy and harmful trait. Relationships need to be taken care of and healthy relationships require efforts. This applies to all relationships; function relationships, friendships, family, and romantic relationships.

What exactly are signs of a healthy connection?

A healthy relationship ought to deliver much more happiness than tension into your existence. Every relationship may have tension at times, but you want to prevent prolonged psychological stress on both members in the connection.

Beneath are some attributes that maybe current inside your wholesome relationships.

Whilst inside a wholesome relationship you:

  • Take care of yourself and also have good self-esteem independent of one’s relationship
  • Maintain and respect each other’s individuality
  • Preserve relationships with family and friends
  • Have activities aside from one another
  • Are able to convey yourselves to 1 an additional without fear of consequences
  • Can feel safe and comfy
  • Allow and encourage other relationships
  • Take curiosity in one another’s actions
  • Do not be worried about violence in the connection
  • Believe in each other and be honest with one another
  • Possess the option of privateness
  • Have regard for sexual boundaries
  • Are sincere about sexual exercise if it’s a sexual relationship
  • Relationships are give and consider; allowing your partner to affect you is important; this could be especially tough for some males.
  • Resolve conflict pretty: Fighting is part of even healthy relationships; the main difference is how the conflict is dealt with. Fighting fairly is an important skill you help you have more healthy relationships.

What exactly are the indicators of a harmful connection?

Sometimes all relationships will have a few of the below traits. Nevertheless, unhealthy relationships will display these characteristics more often and cause you stress and stress that is difficult to avoid. This stress is harmful for both members and may lead to issues in other locations of your life.

While in an unhealthy relationship you:

  • Place 1 individual prior to the other by neglecting yourself or your partner
  • Really feel pressure to alter who you are for your other individual
  • Feel worried whenever you disagree with the other person
  • Really feel stress to quit actions you usually/used to enjoy
  • Stress the other individual into agreeing with you or changing to suit you better
  • Discover 1 of your needs to justify your steps
  • Discover 1 companion feels obligated to possess intercourse or has been forced
  • Have an insufficient privateness, and could be forced to share everything with the other person
  • You or your companion refuses to use safer sex methods
  • Discover arguments are not settled pretty
  • Expertise yelling or physical violence throughout an argument
  • Try to control or manipulate each other
  • Notice your partner attempts to controls the way you gown and criticizes your behaviors
  • Do not make time to spend with one an additional
  • Don’t have any typical buddies, or have a insufficient regard for each others’ friends and family
  • Notice an unequal control of resources (food, cash, house, automobile, and so on.)
  • Experience an absence of fairness and equality

If a few of your relationships have a few of these traits it doesn’t necessarily mean the finish of that connection. By recognizing how these traits affect you, you can start to work on improving the negative aspect of one’s relationships to benefit each of you.

When should I look for expert assist for my relationship?

If a partner ever tries to harm you bodily or force you to complete something sexually that should be a clear sign for you personally that it’s an unhealthy connection. In that scenario, you need to think about getting help, or ending the connection. Even if you think the individual enjoys you it does not make up for the hurt they are placing you through.

Other conditions consist of:

  • Whenever you are unhappy in a relationship, but can’t determine if you should accept it, attempt to enhance the connection, or finish the relationship.
  • When you have chose to depart a relationship, but discover yourself nonetheless within the relationship.
  • When you believe you are staying within the relationship for your incorrect reasons, this kind of as worry of becoming alone or guilt.
  • When you have a background of staying in unhealthy relationships.

Possessing a counselor or mental well being supplier to talk to will help you function out problems inside your relationships and discover a solution that is wholesome for each partners.

We always wonder who is inside us or who operate us and that eagerness always there within us to understand our self. We could not focus on finding out our soul as we are busy with finding out someone else rather our own identity. Search for Soul can only happen when you are peaceful state of mind and you are alone we define this as loneliness.

Being alone provides us an opportunity to search for our true self and get connected to source of love and joy. In this state of mind you can hear the sounds of harmony, rhythm and perfection. This loneliness to create something beautiful by developing a hobby that brings your whole attention. It may be reading, painting, gardening, music etc.

Loneliness is a state of feeling and it’s not to be confused with isolation. Pray that your loneliness help you to search out for your true soul. 

Light as source give a way which help us to walk on dark path. It’s applicable to human being also as we have light as a main ingredient for demonstrating our intent to connect and link ourselves with our Source.

The sun as the primary source of energy is honored and worshipped as the very source of life and this is how our ritual advises to pray “suryadevta” early morning.

The Divine spark dispels the darkness of ignorance that makes us forget who we really are. The external symbolisms are a means to guide us on the introspective path, to help us focus our energies within.

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