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We all are in a race to achieve prosperity and we put our best to meet that desired result but all of us do not achieve what we strive. We always have setback for end result and we regret for our efforts & time spent to achieve desired result so the Growth is Function of Efforts, Time and Luck. The joy of success is not in end result but the factor which influence them.

The amount of efforts we put to meet some task always buildup expectation and motivation because if we are doing something which is of our interest it will boost up energy. This also adds up to many trial and errors and each time we do so we get to learn a new thing which we never experienced before and that is how we learn and grow in life.

Time is very crucial element and most of the time we realize importance of time when that time already passed away. It’s always stated that you need to be at right place at right time. We need to be very sure how much time we need to spend to do some task and giving due respect to complexity of each sub task we need to allocate time to entire task. If we manage time in such a manner we might meet what we want to but otherwise also we did justice to what we are suppose to do with given schedule.

Luck is something which is not in our hand so genuinely we cannot do anything about it and also we should not blame also. We are only expected to reach our goal given a time and effort.

If we meet our destiny that is good but if we didn’t than doesn’t matter because trying for something is like achieving something. If we didn’t get what we intended for doesn’t matter because while doing so we encountered many things which we never intended to learn otherwise.

So growing is also a learning process which we learn as time passes with amount of experience and understanding what favors you and what not.

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